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Tax Measure

New tax measures such as Measure G are necessary to close critical gaps in Lake County's budget. New taxes only make sense as part of a comprehensive strategy to support economic growth.

Cannabis cultivation presents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to bring in tax revenue without adverse effects on the local consumer economy. Rather, we can create a friendly environment with robust public services to attract world class businesses to Lake County.  A budget surplus created by smart growth and smart policy will enable and support local small businesses.

The induced and indirect economic activity generated by the cannabis industry, along with the direct revenue from Measure C, will help drive discretionary spending necessary to meet the lofty projections of $4.5M/year revenue from Measure G.  Measure C and Measure G are complementary, working in tandem as the rising tide lifts all boats.

Sales are down around Lakeport and regionally as the cannabis black market had significant economic impact.  With the black market dead, new forms of income need to be contemplated.  The latest and ever-increading Measure C revenue projections are extrapolating data from a one-time bump in economic activity due to rebuilding after the fires, which can be misleading.  Disaster recovery is not a long term economic strategy.