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Youth Programs

A Youth Diversion Cycling Program in the planning stages and will be launched concurrently with full scale cultivation activities.  Cycling is an exhiliarating sport which promotes health, freedom, and independence.

We are proud to announce the funding of the Youth Cycling Program.  We are in the process of purchasing 12 bicycles from Main Street Bicycle and kicking off the rides!

It is a partnership between Main Street Bicycle in Lakeport, the High School Mountain Bike Team, Victor Vincente, the Benmore Valley Ranch, and the Loud Pack Farms.   Victor is a living legend in US cycling.  He's a former California Champion, two time member of the US Olympic Cycling Team, US National Champion, and was voted "Most Signficant Person in the History of Mountain Biking" by Mountain Bike Magazine.  Victor will be leading rides, mentoring the kids, and leading trail maintenance crews.  Victor gets great satisfaction passing on decades of experience to younger generations. Victor is a long time resident of Lake County.   Perhaps you have seen him on his customary July 4th ride wearing his National Championship Jersey?  Victor is planning a presentation to the Board of Supervisors to highlight how cycling has changed his life from the young age of 16 and his vision to mentor the at-risk kids in Lake County.

 Photo of below of Victor in 1957 with his first cycling trophy at the age of 16 and more recently on Cobb Mountain.

VVA July 4thstart racing at age sixteen