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Below you will find a timeline and discussion of our public input and activities regarding efforts to help clarify cannabis policy with respect to industry integration, economic development, state law, and land use law/policy.  Many counties hire a "Cannabis Czar" to manage the integration of these interrelated and complex issues.   We have done our best to bring these issues to the attention of the public, Lake County Officials, and the local business community.  We have found that while there are some obstructionist forces at work in Lake County, there is broad support for economic development which benefits all members of the community.

Bradley Johnson has helped with bringing clarification to the many complex legal issues.  Read more on the state-wide challenges implementing cannabis policy here:

pdfTheRecorder interview with Attorney At Law Brad Johnson of Sacramento's Harrison, Temblador, Hungerford & Johnson.

Email to CDD 1/26/2018

Clarification of state ethics law around the staff claim that travel to Greenfield, CA raised ethical issues.  After staff and most Supervisors had taken multiple industry tours of Cannacraft, Inc, in Santa Rosa, out the the blue there were ethical issues around taking an informative industry tour to see a new $70M cannabis facility in Greenfield, CA. 

Letter: pdfCDD_travel_ethics_26-jan-2018.pdf

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