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CAO press release around Measure C tax revenue

An examination of the loss of potential Measure C tax revenue in 2018.  Due to the policy to delay the early activation of outdoor cultivation use permits for 6-18 weeks, most outdoor cultivators will not be able to operate in 2018, thus forfeiting potential Measure C tax revenue (see checks below).  In the normal course of business, counter staff in a planning department have the discretion to deem an application complete before sending them out for referral to multiple agencies.  The reason for less applications than expected is that most operators in the county recognize that the policy will not allow them to operate in 2018 and have given up. There are currently at least 23 licenses issued by CalCannabis to Lake County applicants awaiting approval.

Press Release: County_Preparing_to_Collect_Cannabis_Cultivation_Taxes_Revenues_Uncertain.pdf

Analysis: Feedback_on_CAO_Press_Release.pdf

Legal Analysis: Measure_C_Tax_Analysis_4-19-18.pdf

Lost tax revenue: Measure_C_tax_payment.jpg