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Email to CDD regarding CEQA Review

The Benmore Valley Ranch Project is exempt from CEQA.  The County is using CEQA as excuse to delay early activation of complete applications that meet the criteria set forth in Ordinance 3073.   During the Board of Supervisors meeting on April 24th, 2018 there was a discussion of the state burdening counties with CEQA review, thus causing delays in processing cultivation applications.   That is not the case for the Benmore Valley Ranch applicants and demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding of CEQA.

The CEQA determination:Benmore_CEQA_Exemption_Determination.pdf

Email to Community Develepment Department: Email_to_CDD_23-APR-2018.pdf

Legal analysis of CEQA around Ordinance 3073: LC_Ordinance_CEQA_Analysis_2-22-18.pdf