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Partnership With City Of Greenfield

Lake County has the opportunity to become a long term industry partner with the City of Greenfield.   Bulk biomass produced in Lake County will be shipped down to the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Greenfield, CA, providing support and jobs in both small rural economies.  Here is a letter from the Community Services Director of Greenfield, Mic Steinmann, highlighting their experience with the cannabis industry. 

Mic is the Community Services Director for the City of Greenfield.  He has master’s degrees in social work and public administration.  He also has a law degree from UCLA.  Since 2013, Mr. Steinmann has been the Community Services Director for the City of Greenfield.  He is also the Planning Director with responsibility for economic development, planning, and public works.  Mr. Steinmann has significant private sector experience as a facility planning consultant and attorney.  His legal background and planning experience have been invaluable for his leadership in establishing and managing Greenfield’s commercial cannabis program for both medicinal and adult-use – from its earliest inception, through drafting the City’s cannabis ordinance and regulations, and now seeing the first new cannabis facilities under construction and becoming operational.  

Mic has generously offered to visit Lake County and communicate his experience around commercial cannabis policy development with tbe Board of Supervisors and the community.  Thus far, his offer has been ignored.

pdfPartnership With City Of Greenfield - Letter of Support


Neighboring King City has seen significant benefits from the cannabis industry as well.

Lake County is an ideal location for large concetrated biomass production on remote, unused land.  We can minimize ecological impact and impact on the community while maximizing Measure C tax reveue.